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Forensic Technology Services

We offer high quality electronic disclosure consultancy and investigative services, including:

Forensic data collection

From the outset, it is vital to ensure any data is collected to a standard that can be used in Court, or at Tribunals, if required. Our data collections team has a wealth of experience with data capture, including multi-jurisdictional, multi-Terabyte document collections.

Our team is trained in forensic capture to the highest of standards in line with ACPO guidelines.

Litigation Support / e-Disclosure Services

Our team provides support across all aspects of the Electronic Disclosure Reference Model (EDRM), specialising in cost effective, rapid turnaround and prioritised review using Relativity; our in-house hosted platform.

We streamline the document review process within Relativity, leveraging the analytics functionality to reduce the number of documents to be reviewed and assisting with prioritisation, whether your review involves thousands or millions of documents in any number of languages.

We also have experience of disclosures to all standard (and many non-standard) review platforms, and have also worked with trial presentation software.


Whether the key facts to your case are held within structured or unstructured data, we can query and analyse information in a multitude of formats using a host of tools.

Relativity is also beneficial in querying large sets of data, with particular strengths in reducing the volume of data to review. We work closely with our Forensic Accounting and Contentious Insolvency teams to provide an end-to-end investigation solution.

For more information on any of the above, please contact Steven Bain (steven.bain@frpadvisory.com, call direct line +44 203 005 4147 or mobile +44 7519 109241).

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